6:00 PM18:00

SomoS Art House


We will experience collective sound as a full brain and body sensation!

Participants will be divided in groups of seven, and they will perform with induction microphones in order to create a real-time soundscape, acting as an electronic ensemble. Inductions microphones are able to capture the magnetic field of several electronic devices, such as mobile phones or radios, that surround us. Every single microphone will capture and play a simple drone texture that, combined with other sources, will contribute to create a complex and continuously variable sound atmosphere.

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6:00 PM18:00

Phenomena 0.0 :: diffractiøn

in the first event of phenomena we will deal with the subject of diffraction, a physics phenomenon of scattering of waves. rays of light, radiations and sound waves deviate when encountering an aperture or an obstacle, creating new patterns and propagating in a non-linear way. in the space of VODOO55 we will explore this concept in an ecosystem of interferences and bent frequencies. selected audio/visual artists and performers will create an environment of dispersion and loss of identity diffracting thoughts and appearances.

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